Why does my water smell funny?

Do you notice an unusual smell when you turn on your spigot? Like rotten eggs, wet dog, or even fish? Does your water taste too salty, too sweet, or just plain dirty? Obviously, water isn’t supposed to look, smell or taste like anything, so if you notice the water in your home having any kind of properties at all, there’s an issue. Municipal water treatment plants dump all kinds of chemicals in the water to sterilize the supply, leaving you to deal with the chlorine, chloramines, calcium, nitrates/nitrites, elevated pH levels, and all kinds of other contaminants.

But you don’t have to.

Dupure can come out to your house and perform a comprehensive water analysis right at your tap. And the best part? It’s free! Just click below to schedule your complimentary in-home water analysis. You can rest easy knowing the truth about your home’s water.